Hey! I am SO glad that you're here!! My name is Lisa, and my heart has been in photography for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years, I have found that I have such a fondness for capturing families, and watching them grow! My portrait sessions have evolved into a more laid back style which seems to work best for my clients and for myself! My process involves light posing, and then helping you naturally unwind from those poses which creates the images we all love the most! The most important things I want you to remember when planning a session with me are: To not stress over clothing........ (coordinating is SO easy and can generally be done with things you already have and without spending a dime if you don't want to!) Stay calm and relaxed during the session and dare I say it, let it go (at least during that 30 or 60 minutes!) .....Parents I'm talking to you ;) And lastly, that I am on your side! I want you to be happy! I want you to be SO SO happy! I approach things with the golden rule I was raised on, and will always do everything in my power to help you, work with you, and create with you, the best experience you can possibly have with me. I feel so lucky to call the majority of my clients; friends, and I look forward to doing the same with you! I am excited for this new year, and have opened up bookings for: Families, Children, Seniors, Maternity, Headshots, and Commercial work!

To get a little more personal, I am a mom + wife, I am coffee obsessed, I live on dry shampoo, and I love fashion! Our little family of 3 has a fashion and lifestyle blog that I'm not the best at updating, but I'm motivated to do better with it this year! We recently got a goldendoodle puppy (our first dog ever) and let me tell you something, cats are a breeze! HA! Our son is almost 6, and is sweeter than sugar, wild, loud, hilarious, smart, and seriously adorable! M
y main squeeze (the husband) has been mine for almost 17 years! He is a wonderful man, an amazing father, and can truly do anything! He amazes me every day! 

If you feel like following along on our family adventures, you can do so through any of the following links: 
The blog: www.Thefamilyof3.com
Lisa + Family @thefamilyof3
Hubby @dimitris.arhontidis 
The puppy @thedoodlecoco ;)


  Image by KM Photo Studio 2017

Image by KM Photo Studio 2017

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