Something Different...

Back in June, after months of daydreaming, coordinating, hiring, and planning; I shot what I felt was my first true EDITORIAL. The plan all along was for it to be published. OF COURSE it would be published. It's a GREAT idea, how could it NOT be published. So here I sit, these months later and it still hasn't been accepted for publication. Really that's not completely true, because one publication wanted it, but for a fee, and I was warned to steer clear of that.... and another showed interest but typically featured more "dreamy and bright" images, and in the end I wasn't willing to compromise the intended editing to fit that mold. Could be the wrong season, the wrong week, you just never really know. I've submitted to nine magazines. And in all fairness, I only heard back from 4 so maybe the other 5 are still thinking about it?????? HA! ;)  

It's been emotionally diminishing. Downright frustrating. And totally sad. I've cursed myself, my work, and my style, over and over wondering why it's "not happening for me." Pitiful. A couple of weeks ago I had a really low point and thought about giving it all up. GEEZ, somebody get me a cookie. After I slept on it (not really, I'd never quit) I realized how silly I was being. If something I was doing wasn't going anywhere, then it wouldn't hurt to take a step away from it and focus on what I love and feel good doing! Working with my beloved friends/clients! Families, Kids, Maternity, Bridals, Boudoir, Hair and Makeup, all of that! That is what keeps me going and thriving, and feeling inspired! "When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." Yep, I'm definitely a mom.

SO, that is what I am going to do! I haven't decided yet if I will try for more publications, or just throw all of these beautiful images on a blog and Facebook and call it a fun day. Undetermined as of now, but what I will do is let you see a special project from that shoot that Dimi (my husband) worked on with me. We've been playing around with the idea of offering composites for a while now. I still don't know that it's something I want us to do, but it's so much fun to see something come alive in this fun way. SO, here it is..... 


Composite Editing: Dimi Arhontidis with help from Lisa Michelle Photography
Model: Toni Allison Bridwell (Koch) now with (The Dragonfly Agency)
Stylist: Lindsay Weatherread (The Campbell Agency)
Assistant to photographer: Alicia Masters
Video: Dimi Arhontidis (In Motus Veritas) with help from Brian Farmer

Dress- SIC Couture

Headpiece, Necklace, Necklace (worn as bracelet), Epaulette Body Armour, Fox Tails- H. Pederson Design Studio

Ethan is ONE (Full Session)

Allen, Texas Portrait Photography

This handsome, blue eyed boy wasn't quite sure he was ready to celebrate at the beginning of our session, but it wasn't long before his daddy had him laughing and having a blast! He got to eat a delicious Mickey Mouse cake and was even sweet enough to share with his big sister. We had so much fun and he just cracked me up when he started hamming it up for me. Those eyes are just stunning and he has the best smile too! I really love getting to see this family! His mom and I have formed a great friendship and I truly adore her. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Elyn is ONE (Half Session)

McKinney, Texas Portrait Photography

On a cold and dreary Sunday morning (Spring forward to be exact) I got to photograph a little bit of sunshine! Thank goodness we had a nice, warm studio to work in for miss Elyn's first birthday session! This sweet girl has the most intense blue eyes and gave me some amazing serious shots. She had cake....well she played with the cake at least ;) and she ran around playing with her daddy! She got a few super cute outfit changes thanks to her mommy and we just followed her around as she explored the space. She's pretty darn cute, don't you think?! Happy Birthday Elyn!!!

Woodley Family (Half Session)

McKinney, Texas Portrait Photography

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing my best friends and their beautiful babies! Ok fine, Nathan isn't exactly a baby anymore (27+ months) but those sweet kids are just growing way too fast! It feels like just last week when I did Gracie's newborn session, and that was in October! I love these 4 humans more than I can ever possibly express. They are family. 

They came out on a stormy, and dreary day but luckily we had a nice warm studio to shoot in. Nathan was his regular 2 year old self giving me a serious run for my money as I chased his energetic butt around. ;)  As his daddy CJ would later say to me... we made lemonade........... Get it?! I like to think we did make lemonade that day... and here's the proof!

Tristen is ONE (Full Session)

Roanoke, Texas Portrait Photography

We had so much fun during Tristen's 1st birthday session! She laughed, ate cake, got thrown around by her Daddy (one of her favorite things) and danced to music! The sweet joy of having a one year old.... it's truly incomparable and I'm getting to experience that myself in just a few short weeks!! Here she is.... sweet, and adorable Tristen! 

*Cake by My Cake Girl

Tristen is ONE {Sneak Peek}

Roanoke, Texas Portrait Photography

What a sweet, sweet baby girl Miss Tristen is! She's a smiling, hugging, bundle of love and boy does she love her mommy and daddy! We had so much fun watching her explore in the grass, get thrown in the air ;), and taste cake for the first time and she was so graceful by the way! Here she is...... turning ONE on March 7.... such a doll! :) 

*Cake by My Cake Girl


Braden is THREE (Half Session)

Dallas, Texas Portrait Photography

Such a fun, vivacious, and silly kid! We had a blast at Lakeside Park in Dallas, and as usual I just ran around following him as he explored and played! I absolutely adore photographing children! Here is Braden in all of his THREE year old awesomeness. I have loved being able to watch him grow over the years! And because he was so active I realize there are some technical imperfections but sometimes that active blur makes me happy because I know we were having fun and you just can't pass up a great smile from this kid. :)

Braden is THREE! {Sneak Peek}

Dallas, Texas Portrait Photography

What a gorgeous day for a 3rd birthday session down at Lakeside Park in Dallas!! Braden, his mommy and I ran around exploring and throwing those pokey things in the water! ;) We saw the bears, ran across the bridge a few times, and even fed the ducks thanks to a very sweet couple who offered Braden some bread! This kid has SO much personality and so much zest and I really always have so much fun with him. His gorgeous blue eyes are dreamy too, don't you think? ;)