My Family (Fall 2014)

We are so completely thankful for our best friend Amy of Amy Barry Photography, who came over the morning of 12/08 and took these photos for us so that I could edit them and get a Holiday card ordered!! I am SO IN LOVE with these and we just cannot thank her enough!! We love you, Amy!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Channing is TWO (Half Session) McKinney, TX 10/5/14

I am so completely behind on my blogging which you will start to realize as this will be ONE of FOURTEEN blogs I am prepping to go out over the next few days! ;)

Channing is such a doll and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph her again in October, for her 2nd birthday. Her 1st birthday shoot was just as fun, and can be seen here:

This year we did a book theme so I loaded up some vintage books, and she really enjoyed looking through them! Although they really needed more pictures! Right, Channing?! The light was so beautiful on this day and we really had fun capturing her sweet and very smart personality! PLUS, her awesome momma splurged on the most beautiful Tutu Du Monde dress and cape especially for this session!! AMAZING!!! And I need both in my size! :) 

Abby & Alex (Half Session) Prosper, TX

I had SO MUCH FUN with these gorgeous girls in my neighborhood a few weeks ago! We have been so amazingly blessed with wonderful neighbors and Ariston (my son) just loves these girls. Miss Abby turned TWO that Wednesday, so these photos were our way of celebrating her special day!! :)